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Don't wait a whole year, enjoy your interest now!

Don't wait for the interest of your deposit. With Instant deposit account you get your interest now! Deposit your funds today and withdraw the total amount of the interest payment at the beginning.
    Use the favorable interest rates and get the total amount of the interest payment ahead:
  • fixed interest rate of 0.70% for MKD term deposits on 12 months *
  • fixed interest rate of 0.30% for EUR term deposits on 12 months. *

Don't wait to enjoy your funds! Seize the opportunity and fulfill your wishes!

For term deposits of min. MKD 300,000/EUR 5,000, anticipated interest calculation is applied.

The products marked with (*) are suspended, the IR are valid only for the existing TD.
The Bank keeps the right to change the terms without a prior notice.

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