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Visa Classic revolving is a real credit card for postponed payment, for only 5% mandatory monthly payment of the used loan amount, created for all purchases that are favorable to pay for a longer period. Provides more financial flexibility, for all your purchases and cash withdrawals. You can us Visa Classic credit card in a million locations all over the world, where there is a Visa sign. Enjoy its convenience and safety as well as advantages of using it.

Silk Road Bank Skopje presents its VISA Classic contactless credit card, a safe and simple solution for your daily transactions. From now on, with Visa Classic cards of Silk Road Bank, you can pay in the most modern way used in the world - contactless.
The contactless technology enables you to effect quick, simple and safe card payment at the point of sale
Where available, any payment up to MKD 100 with Visa contactless card may be realized by simply touching the card against the reader and the payment will be realized – without entering the PIN code or signing a receipt
For increased protection, the Bank enables cumulative contactless shopping in the amount of up to 6000 MKD, after exceeding this amount, a PIN entry is required to confirm the card user
Contactless payment works at specially marked points of sale equipped with this modern and secure technology. The number of such sales facilities in the country and in the world is already large, but it is constantly increasing.


  • Interest free period of 40 days
  • Minimum monthly fee of only 5%
  • Flexible credit limit


  • SMS notification for every transaction
  • Possibility to pay the annual membership fee in installments
  • 24- hour customer support.
  • Possibility for free delivery of monthly e-mail statement
  • Possibility to adjust the daily limit on the POS and ATM network
  • Enables online purchase with the highest level of protection through the 3-e security standard for secure payment.
  • Possibility for simple settlement of liability with standing order or through Electronic or Mobile banking.
  • Possibility for an additional card for your loved ones, with the possibility to adjust the limits on each of the cards.
  • Accepted in a million location all over the world where there is a Visa sign
  • Simple monitoring of the condition everywhere around the world through Electronic and Mobile banking of Silk Road Bank

HELPAT HOME -free for one year
Help at home is a service of ORYX Assistance, which offers free technical help at home up to 3 times a year. Depending on the needs, the organization of help is provided for each client, covering the costs of emergency intervention and response to the service, it:
  • Plumber (example: failure of the water and sewage network);
  • Electrician (example failure of electrical installation and computer electrical system);
  • Locksmith (for example, not for entering or staying in the building after a burglary due to loss of keys, breaking of keys or failure of a lock);
  • Carpenter and glazier (when breaking glass on external and roof doors and windows because it is disabled that is closed)

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