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Domestic Payment Operations

Domestic Payment Operations

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje provides secure, fast and efficient payment operations for all clients of the Bank - participants in the payment operations and provides MKD payment transactions.

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje, as an institution responsible for conducting payment operations, carries out the MKD payments through:
  • Internal payments operations (non-cash payments between clients of the Bank and between clients and the Bank, as well as cash payments and withdrawals), and
  • External i.e. inter-banking payment operations (non-cash payments between clients of different banks).
Inter-banking payment operations are carried out by means of two settlement systems:
  • MIPS - Inter-banking payment system used for urgent payments and payments over MKD 1,000,000.00, and
  • KIBS - Clearing inter-banking system used for payments up to MKD 1,000,000.00.
The participants in the payment operations may hold:
  • тMKD transactional accounts with several institutions responsible for conducting payment operations
  • Several MKD transactional accounts with one institution responsible for conducting payment operations.
Timetable plan for domestic payment operations
Description of the Bank's service Receipt of an order
Cash deposit/withdrawal from account08.30-16.30h
Executing of internal payment08.30-16.30h
Executing of payment orders through KIBS 08.30-14.00h
Executing of payment orders through MIPS08.30-16.00h

If you are looking for a really simple transactional account which is ideal for your evryday banking needs, look no further, the transactional account is all you need. It offers you plenty of possibilities through which you recieve regular income or carry out all payments in the country's banking system. In addition, every individual conducting MKD transactions through a bank has to hold a transactional account.
  • 24 hour access through our online banking system Web Banking.
  • All the standard fucntions you expect from your transactional account in the form of a debit Visa card.
  • Enter Visa / AMEX debit card with no annual fee. The debit card allows you access to your bank account thrugh the ATMs and POS terminals for retail transactions. Each retail transaction will be completed by automatic debit from the account.
  • Positive interest on the positive account balance.

Combined with My Salary service the user of the transactional account may acquire a priviledged status for certain products of the Bank. All domestic adult individuals have the right to open a transactional account. This is also valid for foreign individuals who earn income from regular employment, pension or disabilitu insurance, or any other basis, and who, according to the legal legislation, are treated ad residents and hold a foreigner ID issued by the Ministry of Interior of the RM.

For further details please refer to any branch of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje.

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje offers easy, fast and simple opening of transactional accounts to its clients at the same time offering explinations for usage of the account. Upon opening a transactional account, the individual has to submit: After signing the contract by both parites, the newly opened account is activated and will be ready for conducting payment operations after it will be registered in the Single Registry of Transactional Accounts (ERTS).

The participant in the payment operations is responsible for notifying the Bank in writing about all status changes no later than three days as of the occurence if the change.
The transactional accoutn holder may issue a written authorisation to another individual for operating with the funds of the holder's account - Application for persons authorized to dispose with assets on the account. During the process of authorisation, the authorised person has to be present and identified by presenting an original indentification document.

he authorisation is carried out at the desk in the Bank's branches. The authorisation shall be valid for as long as the transactional account is open or until the transactional account holder revokes the authorisation.

For details on INTEREST RATES click heре.

Signature sheets
Application for client identidication

Information about the account balance and changes may only be given to account owners and authorized persons at the desks in the Bank and via the e-banking service.

The clients may operate the funds of the transactional account through:
  • Transactional account signature card for conducting cash payments and withdrawals and non-cash transfer of funds to other accounts at the Bank and to accounts with other banks
  • Enter Visa payment debit card for withdrawal of funds at the ATMs in the country and abroad and conducting trade payments
  • The e-banking service which also allows conducting all types of non-cash payments from the transactional account.

Executing payments
  • On the stipulated payment instruments delivered to the desks in any of the branches of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje
  • Through the e-banking service

Types of Payment Instruments
A payment instrument is a predefined form with unique appearance and content.
  • Payment slip - PP10 form
  • Cash payment order - P40 form
  • Cash remittance - PP41
  • Transfer order - PP30
  • Collective transfer order - PP31 form (debited from single instructing party and credited to single recipient on several bases)
  • Collective transfer order - PP32 form (debited from single instructing party and credited to several recipients)
  • Public revenues payment order - PP50 form
  • Collective payment order for salary debited from the account of a single instructing party and credited to several recipients - PP53 form.

Using inflows
All inflows on the clients' accounts with the Bank may be used immediately after they are received.
The inflows may be:
  • Internal inflows (from an account of a depositor or from the Bank's account)
  • Inflows through KIBS or MIPS (inflows from other banks or institutions).

Internal inflows and inflows through MIPS are being received during the entire working day and are available as soon as they are received. Inflows through KIBS are received when the settlement is complete (after 03:00 PM).

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