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Dear clients,


We are pleased to inform you that a new version of the electronic and mobile banking system for individuals of Silk Road Bank has been launched, which offers a modern and sophisticated design, as well as perfect and improved functionalities.


All existing individual clients of the e-banking system need to activate their e-banking user profile through the following link: . In order to activate the user profile clicks on "Activate user" and enter your existing username that you use and the Activation code that you will receive on the SMS message. Then, you need to enter a new password. To log in to the application, please enter your existing username and the new password.


All new individual clients users of the e-banking system need to activate their e-banking user profile through the following link: .


- New user - if you have an active debit card from Silk Road Bank, you have the opportunity to apply online for e-banking service at the following link:  by entering the basic identification data and to become a user of the service.

- New user - if you do not have an active debit card from Silk Road Bank, you need to visit the nearest Branch of the Bank and fill in the E-Banking Application with which you will receive a username and activation code in order to activate your user profile and login to the following link:


In order to use the mobile application as well as to perform payment on the web and mobile banking, you need to download the new Silk Road m-Bank mobile application from Google Play and the App Store and activate it yourself by entering your personal data and data from your card.


The payments on the web banking and mobile banking applications are verified by entering one-time OTP password. To generate an OTP password you need to download the mobile application from the Google Play Store or App Store, log in to it and in the menu select and click on "Generate OTP". Enter your 6-digit OTP password in the account in order to make the payment.


The new e-banking system has a modern and intuitive design tailored to your needs for fast, simple and efficient use of banking services without the need to visit the Bank's branches and wait in line at the counter.


The e-banking of Silk Road Bank provides you with 24/7 review of the balance of your transaction or savings account, review of loans and cards, possibility to make payments in the country and abroad and exchange office operations.


The service is available to you from home, from the office or from anywhere with internet access, regardless of the Bank's working hours, to manage your transactions 24 hours a day.

By using the services of e-banking you are sure that you have the highest level of security for the protection of your accounts and personal data, as well as lower costs than the regular ones.


In order for the clients to have the opportunity to see the new advanced functionalities and application design, the Bank has introduced a promotional period for all new individuals who will not be charged a monthly fee for using the system, i.e. all existing individuals retain the same fees as and so far, and the new commissions will be implemented from 01/10/2021.

 Following the determination of the Bank, our clients are in the center of our attention, Silk Road Bank advise you about security mesures and recommendations that you should apply when using the electronic services of the Bank. 

With respect,

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje.

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