Money Gram

With Money Gram and Silk Road Bank AD Skopje you can send and receive money transfers in 10 minutes worldwide*.

  • The sender will communicate you the amount of money you will receive and the Reference number.
  • Take your personal ID or a passport**, go to the Silk Road Bank Branch office nearest to you and complete the receive form. The Money Gram system will check your information and you will collect the money with no additional charges***.

  • · Visit your nearest Silk Road Bank Branch office
  • · Present your ID or a passport**
  • · Deposit the sum that has to be transferred
  • · Silk Road Bank teller shall give your transaction reference number
  • · Announce your transaction reference number to the receiver of the transfer and within 10 minutes*, the money will be ready to be collected at the destination country****.
When it comes to transfer money globally, we understand you have a choice of companies. Sending with Money Gram is both reliable and convenient. When you choose Money Gram, you can be confident knowing you're using the same reliable service trusted by families worldwide.Always close to you Over 339,000 agent locations throughout the world give you a new level of convenience.

Find out the advantageous low fees for sending money abroad:

From € Up to €Fees***
0,01100,00 6,50
100,01200,00 9,00
200,01 300,00 11,00
300,01 500,00 12,50
500,01 750,00 17,00
750,01 1.000,00 19,50
1.000,01 1.500,00 25,50
1.500,01 2.000,00 30,00
2.000,01 2.500,00 37,00

All fees shall be charged in MKD denars.
The currency of payment is determined by the sender at the time of the send. Payments in other currencies are available only in selected countries and depends on the currency availability at the time of collection.

From € Up to € Fees*****
0,01 100,00 5,00
100,01 200,00 9,00
200,01 300,00 11,50
300,01 500,00 13,00
500,01 2.500,00 20,00

*Subject to local Agent locations opening hours and local laws and regulations 

**It is necessary to proof your identity by providing one of the following valid documents: passport, personal ID card or other identity document issued by the Government. Requirements vary Country by Country according to local regulations; please ask to your local MoneyGram agent for more information.

*** If sending and receiving currecy deffer, exchange rate established by MoneyGram or its agents may be applied.

**** In some contries the refference number is not compulsory, but in our country it is mandatory.

***** These fees apply from 1 st of November 2018 and apply only from the territory of the city of Skopje to the following countries: Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo,Albania, Romania and Bulgaria. If the currencies of sending and receiving differ, it’s possible to applythe daily exchange rate of MoneyGram or its agents.

Silk Road Bank AD Skopje is agent of MoneyGram International Limited agents in the service of money transfer.
Money Gram International is an authorized payment institution regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA registration Reference 502639). Money Gram and the Globe are marks of Money Gram. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. © 2014 Money Gram.

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