Our donation with every transaction

Our donation with every transaction

Our donation with every transaction

Silk Road Bank AD and the Clinic for children’s diseases in Skopje signed Memorandum for cooperation by which the Bank becomes long term partner of the Clinic. With the Memorandum the company obliges that for each transaction with any American Express card shall donate 5 MKD for the Clinic’s needs. These funds will be used periodically, depending on each individual need for procurement of materials of the Clinic. In the first cycle, the collected funds shall be used for complete renewal of the bed clothing for all beds on the Clinic for children’s diseases in Skopje.

„We are proud that with this long term project Silk Road Bank become partner of the Clinic that has the most noble role – care for the health of the youngest. The hopes of all our employees are directed to the fact to help the Clinic with future donations to improve the conditions for more pleasant stay and faster recovery of each patient. We are convinced that all together we will succeed in this”, said Rolf Schneebeli, president of the Management Board of Silk Road Bank.
The University Clinic for children’s diseases is the only healthcare facility of its kind in the country. At the clinic, specialist-consultative and hospital health care are conducted, and also educational, scientific and research activity and improvement of the medical staff are carried out. Over 7400 children were hospitalized last year at this clinic, and more than 54000 children received specialist and sub-pediatric pediatric care. Up to 10000 different health analyzes are carried out on a daily basis at the clinic.

„These long term projects are of significant importance for us, because they enable us effective current planning in the operations, but also in the plans for improvement of the entire conditions on the Clinic and its continuous development. Silk Road Bank and American Express become important members of the family of supporters to the Clinic and we welcome them on behalf of the employees and our patients”, said D-r Katerina Stavrikj, director of the Clinic for children’s diseases in Skopje.

Silk Road Bank has developed socially responsible activities by participating in the support of the Red Cross of City of Skopje, Orphanage house 11 Oktomvri and in the help of the citizens of v. Stajkovci that were his by catastrophic floods in 2016.

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