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My Payroll

The product My Payroll is transactional account where you are receiving your salary or pension. My Payroll offers you special terms and benefits, as follows:
  • Overdraft
  • Visa Electron Point / American Express Point debit card - with opening the transactional account
  • E - Banking– passive (free of charge); 

    Revolving credit line of the transactional account through which the client receives the salary or pension and is used for covering the short-term cash requirements.
    • Amount - three monthly salaries, maximum MKD 300,000
    • Interest rate - 14,30% * yearly is calculated on the used amount
    • Tenor - 12 months with possibility for automatic prolongation
    You can use the overdraft on your transactional account for all your needs in the terms of your approved limit, without having to worry about installments on previously determined dates. Every time when you will use your overdraft, the interest that will be charged is calculated only for the amount and the period that you have used.

    • The client should be employed 
    • The share of the total monthly debt in the total monthly income should be maximum 55% for employees in public administration, AD, 200 most profitable companies, pensioners and  employees in private companies
    • The age of the applicant by the time of the maturity of the overdraft should be less than 72 years


    200 MKD - online application fee


    * The interest rate is variable according to the Decision for interest rates of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje

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