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One For All Consumer Loans


The basic purpose of the loan is refinancing of debts of clients from other domestic banks. The Bank is offering to its clients a package of products and services as follows:
  • Consumer unsecured Loan
  • Overdraft with limit of one salary and American Express Green Credit Card with limit of two salaries by default for employees (pay-roll clients) in budget institutions, public companies, joint stock companies and other private well known companies;
  • Active Web/ Mobile banking – free of charge
  • Visa Electron Point – with the opening of the account
  • American Express Enter debit cards - with the opening of the account
  • Safe deposit box - free of charge for first year
  • Option for additional amount of 30% as cash loan.
12,000 MKD - 1.200.000 MKD
  • Individuals - citizens of RM
  • Age 18-72 (no older than 72 by the time of the final installment of the loan)
  • The age of the applicant by the time of the final installment should be less than 72 years
  • The loan applicant should be employed or to be pensioner
  • The share of the total monthly debt in the total monthly income should be maximum 60% for employees in public institutions and 55% for other clients (in case of refinance, the debt factor is calculated without the monthly obligation for the credit debt which is refinanced)
Only in case the criteria for monthly installment in relation to the salary or pension and/or age is not fulfilled Maximum two co-applicants .
6 - 60 months for amounts up to MKD 300,000
6 - 120 months for amounts higher than MKD 300,000
Monthly installments
0% on prepaid amount
  • 2% loan administration fee
  • 500 MKD Application fee
  • Notary expenses for solemnization of the contract for amounts above MKD 300,000
Up to 6 months (with interest payments)
    Fixed unchangeable during the first two years 
  • MKD 5.20% - Fixed for the first 2 years
  • For the remaining period the interest rate is variable according to the Decision for interest rate of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje
  • МKD 7,50% (NRKS+5.76% spred, min. 7.50%) (RTE 7,23%)* - for payroll clients
  • МKD 8,50% (NRKS+6.52% spred, min. 8.5%)  (RTE 7,79%)*- for non payroll clients

  • Solemnization of the loan contract for amounts higher than MKD 300,000
  • Administrative ban, if accepted by all parties (Company - Bank - Loan applicant)

*The RTE is calculated for loan amounting to MKD 1.200,000 and 120 months loan tenor, where the calculations include the fixed interest rate for the first two years, variable interest rate for the remaining period.


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