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30.000,00 MKD - 600.000,00 MKD
6- 72 months
  • 0% administration fee
  • 500 МKD application fee
With each approved and disbursement loan, you get an American Express credit card in the amount of two monthly salaries.
With owning the card you get interest-free grace period of up to 50 days and a minimum monthly repayment of only 3% of the transactions made in the month. The card also gives you access to the one and only Your Bonus program that offers cashback up to 15% with transactions made from selected merchants.
Monthly installments
0% on prepaid amount
    Fixed interest rates for the first 18 months
  • MKD 4.90% - for payroll clients
  • MKD 7% - for other clients
  • For the remaining period variable interest rate
  • MKD 7.5% (NRKS+5.53%, min. 7.5%) (RTE 6.54%)* for payroll clients
  • MKD 9.5% (NRKS+8.03%, min. 9.5%) (RTE 8.71%)* for non-payroll clients
  • * The National Reference Interest Rate (NRKS) is used for loans in MKD as a reference interest rate, which is published on the website of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia under the name "interest rates on MKD deposits without FX clause". The interest rate adjustment will be carried out on a six-month basis on January 1 and July 1 each year based on the national reference interest rate, which is valid on June 25 and December 25. The referent interest rate currently valid is 1.53%.
  • Individuals - women, MKD citizens or foreigners with resident status
Only in case the criteria for monthly installment in relation to the salary or pension and/or age is not fulfilled.
Maximum two co-applicants.

  • According with Credit Policy Manual
  • The loan applicant should be employed
  • The share of the total monthly debt in the total monthly income should be maximum 60% for employees in public institutions and 55% for other clients (in case of refinance, the debt factor is calculated without the monthly obligation for the credit debt which is refinanced).



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