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Make a Break


Мinimum 12,000 MKD
Маximum 300,000 MKD
6 - 48 months
Maximum 3 working days
  • 0% loan administration fee, to 30.06.2023
  • 600 МKD application fee
  • 200 МKD online application fee
Monthly installments
0% on prepaid amount
  • For payroll clients
    • МKD 6,00% (СВТ 6,26%)* - fixed interest rate
  • For non-payroll clients
    • МKD 7,50% (СВТ 7,86%)* - fixed interest rate
МKD 12.75%

  • Administrative ban is anticipated if accepted by all parties (Company - Bank - Loan applicant/co-applicant/guarantor)
  • Life insurance is optional (after payment of the loan);
  • The loan applicant should be insured on the entire loan amount;
  • The premium is paid in advance for the entire duration of the loan;
  • Covered risks with life insurance are:
    • Death
    • Death and permanent total incapacity as a result of an accident
  • With the occurrence of an insured event, only consumer of life insurance is the Bank, on which the remaining amount of the principal amount of the applicant's debt towards the Bank is paid on a specified date, in accordance with the amortization plan of the loan;
  • In case of delaying the repayment of the loan, for determining the amount of benefit to be paid, the remaining amount of the loan will be added to 2 (two) unpaid installments as a benefit.
  • Individuals - citizens of R. Macedonia
  • Age 18 to 72 (no older than 72 by the time of the final installment)
  • Maximum 2
  • Only in case the criteria for monthly installment in relation to the salary or pension and/or age is not fulfilled
  • The income and age of the co-applicants will be taken into account for the credit criteria
  • VISA CLASSIC debit card / AMEX POINT debit card – by opening transactional acount
  • Passive e-banking / mobile banking
  • SMS Service
Branches of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje

 * The calculation was made with MKD 300.000 for 48 months, with 0% commission for loan administration and 600 MKD fee for processing of the application.



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