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Consumer Mortgage Loan

Min. amount EUR 5,000/MKD 300,000
Max. amount EUR 400,000/MKD 24,600,000
  • Physical persons - citizens of RM
  • Age 20-72 (no older than 72 by the time of the final installment of the loan)
  • The age of the applicant by the time of the final installment should not be less than 72 years
  • The loan applicant should be employed or be pensioner
  • The share of the total monthly debt in the total monthly income should be maximum 55% for MKD loans and maximum 50% for EUR loans (in case of refinance, the debt factor is calculated without the monthly obligation for the credit debt which is refinanced).
Only in case the criteria for monthly instalment in relation to the salary or pension and/or age is not fulfilled Maximum two co-applicants
12 - 240 months
One-shot in MKD
Monthly instalments
  • 3% penalty fee on prepaid principal if loan is refinanced with bank loan;
  • 0% penalty fee on prepaid principal if loan is prepaid with own assets

    Interest rate in EUR 
  • EUR 5.00% fixed IR for the first 3 years - for payroll clients
  • EUR 6.10%  fixed IR for the first 2 years - for other clients
  • For the remaining period the interest rate is variable according to the Decision for interest rate of Silk Road Bank AD Skopje
  • ЕUR 8.492% (6 month EURIBOR***+4.82%, min. 6.45%) (RTE 7.60%)* for payroll clients
  • ЕUR 10,672% (6 month.EURIBOR***+7%, min.7%) (RTE 9.97%)* for other clients
  • ***For housing loans with EUR clause, six-month EURIBOR is used as the reference interest rate. Adjustment of the interest rate is carried out on a six-monthly basis, on 01.07 and 31.12 of each year according to the rate of 6 six-month EURIBOR, which is valid on the last day of the previous half-year. The rate of the 6-month EURIBOR on 01.07.2024 is 3.672% and it is valid until 31.12.2024

  • Interest rate in MKD
  • МKD 6,77% (RTE 6,83%)**  - variable interest rate (NRKS+4.47%, min. 6.45%) for payroll clients
  • МKD 7,32% (RTE 7,42%)** - variable interest rate (NRKS+5.02%, min.7%) for non payroll clients
  • The National Reference Interest Rate (NRKS) is used for loans in MKD as a reference interest rate, which is published on the website of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia under the name "interest rates on MKD deposits without FX clause". The interest rate adjustment will be carried out on a six-month basis on January 1 and July 1 each year based on the national reference interest rate, which is valid on June 25 and December 25. The referent interest rate currently valid is 2.30%.
  • 0% administration fee, upon disbursement
  • 1000 MKD Application fee - for every received application, regardless if the loan will be approved
  • Without expenses for evaluator
  • Expenses for booking of mortgage and insurance of property
  • Notary expenses - non banking expenses
  • Up to 12 months (with interest payments)
  • Premature liquidation can't be done during the grace period (contractual term)
  • Residential Real Estate - 1st rank mortgage. Acceptable categories - residences in urban areas (apartments, houses, etc.), residences in rural areas (vacation homes, etc.) and land acceptable categories - building plots and business premises.2nd and higher rank mortgages can be accepted only if Silk Road Bank AD Skopje has already all prior orders.
  • Draft and draft statement.
  • Mortgage value: 
    • 143% - 200% of the loan value, depending on the location and the condition of the real estate and in accordance with the submitted evaluation.
    • The Bank keeps the right to accept or decline the property offered as collateral.
  • Administrative ban, if accepted by all parties (company - Bank - applicant).
  • Insurance policy equal to real estate value from insurance accepted by the Bank
  • Rights from the Insurance policy (risks for the fire and flood) to be assigned in favour of the Bank. Bank has the right 30 days before the expiry date of the Insurance policy to renew the policy if the client has not brought any renewal.
  • Visa Classic - by opening transactional account
  • American Express Point - by opening transactional account
  • Passive web/mobile banking

* The RTE is calculated for loan up to EUR 400,000 and 240 months loan tenor, fixed interest rate for the first three years variable interest rate for the remaining period, MKD 1000 application fee and 0% fee for loan administration
** The RTE is calculated for loan up to MKD 24.600,000 and 240 months loan tenor with variable interest rate for the whole period, as well as MKD 1000 application fee and 0% fee for loan administration.


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