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Silk Premium Open TD combines the advantages of time depositing of the cash funds and the privileges and beneficiaries of the prestige American Express Gold credit card<

Main features of the product:
  • TD with interest payment at maturity
  • Tenor: 13 and 25 months
  • Currency: MKD / EUR
  • Minimum amount: MKD 300.000/EUR 5.000)
  • Possibility for deposit additional funds during the life cycle of the TD
  • Possibility for auto roll-over
  • Interest rate – variable during the whole period
Interest Rates - as of 16.10.2018
13 month25 month
EUR 5.000 - 15.000
(MKD 300.000 – MKD 900.000)
0.70% *1.20%1.20%2.10%
EUR 15.001 - 30.000
(MKD 900.001 – MKD 1.800.000)
0.80% *1.30%1.40%2.20%
Over EUR 30.001
(MKD 1.800.001)
0.90% *1.40%1.60%2.30%

Product marked with (*) are suspended, the interest rates are valid only for the existing TDs.

All clients – users of Silk Premium TD who at the same time are pay roll clients are eligible for American Express Gold credit card with pre-approved limit. 

The Bank keeps the right to change the terms without a prior notice

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