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Every citizen, who wishes to save, may invest his/her money as a deposit in the Bank. A passbook may be opened with personal ID for domestic individuals and a passport for foreign individuals in all of the Bank's Branches.

A passbook may be titled to:
  • A name
  • A person under guardianship
The funds from the passbook may be at a disposal of:
  • The person to whom it was issued
  • The empowered person authorised by the depositor, legal representative or guardian
The savings deposits may be:
  • sight
  • fixed-term
  • specifically purposed
Denar Deposits at sight
Sighttransactional accounts 0,00%
passbooks 0,00%
1 month 0,05%
3 months 0,20%
6 months0,50%
9 months0,70%
12 months 1,20%
13 months1,50%
24 months2,30%
36 months2,70%
60 months2,90%
Denar Deposits with variable interest rate
6 months *0,00%
9 months *0,00%
12 months *1,30%
13 months *1,60%
15 months *1,80%
18 months *1,90%
24 months * 2,40%
36 months *2,70%
48 months *2,80%
60 months *2,90%
The interest rates are effective as of 01.04.2019
The products marked with (*) are suspended, the IR's are valid only for the existing term deposits.

The savings deposits are insured at the Deposits Insurance Fund Skopje.
The interest rates for term deposits are fixed in accordance with the term agreement.
The interest is calculated with proportional method.
Minimum amount for term deposits: MKD 6,000.00, exept for 13 months deposit where the min amount is MKD 15,000.00

The Bank keeps the right to change the terms without a prior notice.

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