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200 the most biggest and the most profitable companies

If you are one of the employees in the 200 largest and most proftable companies or employees in public administration in Macedonia, ONLY at SILK ROAD BANK AD SKOPJE you can get an incredible opportunity of 4 monthly salaries.
Terms that you need to fulfill in order to use this opportunity offered by Silk Road Bank AD Skopje are:
  • to be permanently employed,
  • if you are employed for a temporary period of time - minimum 12 months to work in the company and the employment contract to be renewed every 6 months (in that case, you get an overdraft of 1 salary and limit of 1 salary on the American Exprees Green credit card),
  • you are a payroll recipent at the Bank or to transfer your salary in the Bank,
  • do not have written off claims, and
  • in the last 9 months you are in A category according to the data from the Credit Registry (the data is provided by the Bank).

For any further information, please contact us:
  • on e-mail:, or
  • on the following contact phones: 02/3289-405, 02/3289-477, 02/3289-446 и 02/3203-597.

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